January 16, 2014

Confessions of a Blogger

They say the first sentence is always the hardest, don't you think? Well, I eventually have to somehow start typing..First of all, I want to mention that this very day means a lot to me as it's been exactly a year of absence from the blogosphere. I wont lie, of course I've been so many times tempted to post through the past year but i am glad I did not. I don't know, I just wanted this time to be different. I didn't want to just upload something. I wanted first to really be able to define my blog's content; I mean what does this blog offer? Why should anyone spend their time reading it? Well, I am not the one to judge that. I am just here to share my thoughts with you. This place is more like a personal diary and an inspiration board to me. I love just sitting here and trying to figure out what to type. It's a game I think, a game where you are called to reinvent yourself. There were too many things I couldn't realize, so I took that time off I guess, so that I eventually could. I didn't know how long that would be but what I do know is that I didn't want to rush it. Also note that, with so many remarkable blogs out there it's even harder to stick out. No matter if you do or don't what is important in my opinion is to be creative and most importantly be honest. Don't try to fool anyone or pretend to be someone you are not. Seriously, all the blogs I personally follow are the ones that inspire me and the ones that I can actually empathize with.
Want more confessions? I am not regretting anything I did, at all. I truly believe that people mature through their experiences. Making mistakes is an integral part of life. Without it we could not learn and improve ourselves. It's a constant effort, never give up. Be bold and take risks. They will either prove to be effective or ineffective but don't let it get at you. At least you know that you live. We were not born to be perfect but to be humans and guess what; humans are not perfect. Just say/do what you feel and always mean it. Keep your mind open and try to think outside the box. Okay I am going way far, not sure if I still write in a fashion blog. But you see? That's exactly my point. Who defines what stuff should a fashion blog contain? Be honest and really express yourself is the holy grail of writing. Where you are writing comes next. It could be a column, an article, a report, a blog post no matter what it is the authenticity of the author is what counts. And maybe I am wrong or maybe not all of you agree with what I am saying, but see that's what I am talking about.
This post was pretty much what has been torturing my mind over this year regarding this comeback thing. I have also been doing some minor changes on the layouts and templates but that never really stops (all fellow bloggers tend to agree on that)! Well it's time for me to go, I said what I needed to say but trust me I am not nearly done. 

p.s. always think positive even if you don't find a reason to do so


January 16, 2013


Not having much to say. It's night and I am finally wearing the items you see in previous post being in a parcel. 

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January 12, 2013


A few days ago the parcel I was extremely waiting for reached it's destination which is my..wardrobe! I have always had a lust for furs but still waiting for the time to find the perfect one. I eventually found it on asos.com. It is available in black, grey and berry and you can find it HERE. I have also ordered, as told here, those gorgeous leather cuffs you can find HERE. And guess what! It has a 50% discount so you better hurry up if you wish to get them!

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    Better late than never!