August 10, 2011

daring or not?

As a personality i am not a fan of STANDARDS. Actually i hate them. I believe in fantasy&imagintaion which everybody has. The point is to usethem instead of following current trends that are surely ''in''. I feel awkard when i walk into the streets and i see a group of friends all of them completely thesame. This means that all of us are the same- so there is no uniqueness and separate personalities.
To make my point easily to underastand i'll give an example. I don't find reasonable, when buying an item (v.nice&stylish indeed) wearing it all the time, just beacuse you are reassured for your outfit. For me DARING IS A POWER which either you got it in a young age and later when you get older you loose it - or keep it forever. There is also one more part of people who never had or will never acquire this power/daring, just because (? i don't know exactly why they do it - obviously because i don't belong in this group of people) they are afraid of what people is going to say about them. Actually either you dare or not there are mean people, who are gonna gossip you whatever you do,so what's the big deal of not daring and trying to hide your real self?      
An excellent street-fashion video, in Paris: why to hesitate? Be confident and represent what you are wearing. This is the secret key for your outfit (regardless the clothing): watch now


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