August 24, 2011


Have you ever imagined how your house is going to be? I actually did it, many times. As a color fanatic i will definitely not leave even one house corner completely white. I love minimal but i love accessories too. If these two can be combined, then the result is gonna be MY DREAM HOUSE. I love colors such as white, light green, lilac, pink and all NEON as well ! When i get to dream a lot, i imagine a house with hammocks, pillows everywhere on the floor and exotic trees. I am trying to design every corner of the home with accurate details.. but in the end when i come back to reality and i realize that it was only a dream, i get a little bit disappointed.

I am also in love with modern designed furniture. When i am reading lifestyle magazines i turn to the last pages where i find some pieces of real art work! The last i wanted to state is that i really really ''hate'' the classic homes with all that ''rich'' details. Chandeliers are my nightmares!! I could never imagine for example my home consisting of grande chandeliers, classic carpets and crystal cutlery! I love strange shaped sofas(definitely not the classic rectangle ones) which add to house more comfort. One of my craziest ideas is that of not having sofas at all, only pillows! Okay, when i come back to reality i see that this is not possible because not all people in my country are so open-minded !!  As for the materials i love glass, stone and plastic.


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