August 4, 2011

great finds!!

I get very happy when i still find some pieces sooo unique-that you cannot just leave them and move on. These pieces are described as some very GREATFINDS and whether you buy them you acquire a litle bit of uniqueness too.
Actually i don't get very excited with everything. I say this is good, this is not good and this is awful as all of us. However what happened is that while i was surfing the net at my most visited websites (,, .. ) i found some pieces (onSALES) that immidiatelly took my attention!!
a TEAPOT could also be a RING

why don't you create EARRINGS using your LIPSTICK?


instead of eating PIGS use them to SAVEMONEY!

after taking photos wear your CAMERA as a RING

there are enough BANANAS,both for eating and wearing

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