September 22, 2011

Autumn's/Winter's FLASHES

Alright..we all have noticed that summer is over and we are getting used to it! Floral dresses, hotpants, striped bandeau tops and all these stuff are now past. What is important is how to get ready for A/W 11-12! What pieces to acquire and in what colours might be one of your first qu
Black as you know is the most classic colour for winter. Either for every day, or for special events. However, all of you who don't ''like'' black, don't think that you are doomed. We have seen many catwalks until now that black is NOT the ''protagonist'' colour. Colours such as blue, grey and camel have deservedly replaced black! Moreover colours such as deep-teal , mustard , phlox , orange and many others have been added to the winter's palet. Watch!
As far as hair and beauty fetishes are concerned, there are some beauty tips in order to stay tuned with fashion's daily and progressive trends.

I have always been a fan of ''ponys'' even if i am not doing my hair like this very often. ''Ponys'' look perfect on straight and glossy hair

Keep your skin fresh and peachy using the suitable foundations and make-up cremes

Lengthen  your ''Lashes'' as long as possible! This season's lashes convey you back in 60's

Yes, it's true! Vampire lips are the new trend for lips. Get a red or dark purple crayon as soon as possible

feel free to share this small secrets with your beloved people
NOTE: Don't become a fashion victim. Try many but adopt only what suits you better!

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