September 8, 2011

BLAZER&JEANS: the freshest autumn trend

We have worn blazers and jeans again and again and again. This look is cozy, easily to combine and stylish with no much effort. You may state that this is one more stereotype look, something that we saw enough times until now. However, blazer&jeans is the freshest autumn trend , so adopt it before it's too late.
Moreover, it's an easily way to combine outfits for work, in the ''hurry-up'' and horrible mornings. Just find a jean either skinny or baggy, a simple t-shirt for inside and finish the look with a blazer and a pair of flat ballerinas or high-heels.
  The more daring-one instead of getting a mono blazer, either black/navy or tan(sure choice) can get a floral one, a leopard one, one with a print anyway !!


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