September 2, 2011

Fashion-Finder community

Except from loving for it's lovely pieces i also love it for it's great opportunities and communities created. About a week ago, while i was searching for new in clothes-shoes-accessories i randomly found a community on called ''ASOS Fashion Finder''. What about this? From the few things I've understood until now, Asos Fashion Finder is a community where you create your own account as many other people do and exchange opinions about fashion or anything relative with other people. In your profile you can upload looks, either yours or one you saw and liked, create outfits from items from and other sites as well. You can also upload videos, anyone that impressed you or any favorite song. Generally is a very free and cool community where you can show the ''actual you'' with no need to hide, because there.. you create fashion!! The last advantage is that you can vote for your favorite looks or outfits with the love-button. No disadvantages found yet- and hopefully never will be!

The first one picture is a creation of a wall i liked, and the second one is my wall.

 Feel free to join this community too!you can find me as: fashionistasbyG !x

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