October 27, 2011

Men in HEELS(?)

Either you believe it or not.. heels are not only for women anymore!
Men are not afraid or hesitate of representing their believes, in an active way.
Dressed-up in shirts/t-shirts and trousers as they used to, the only thing that has changed is their footwear.
As a known designer states ''I wish society have been more receptive for men in heels''
This means that fashion is advanced in such a way, that it cannot be understood or approved by everyone.
This trend  has still appeared only in New York, one of the most innovative cities around the world!
Okay, i have to admit that at first look it provokes a kind of shock,
not because it's something impractical but simply beacuse people are not used to it.
If this trend, is going to be established .. no one knows!!
keep your expectations up!


  1. I thinks its weird but i kinda like that they have the confidence to wear them and not care what anybody thinks about them


  2. yes, you're right! feeling confident with what you are wearing is the most important part.

  3. Whaaaat! That's crazy! I would be incredibly shocked if my boyfriend started wearing heels, and he wasn't doing it for a joke, haha.

  4. Thanks for the comment!

    Love your fashion blog.



  5. Haha truue Kristen
    thank you Avery,cheers!

  6. No! I feel like men and women should have one luxury that is theirs, and theirs only
    Men get the luxury of being able to walk around without a shirt on, and we get the luxury of wearing heels!

    -Laura xx

  7. Ohh such a correct statement Laura,
    thanks for commenting:)