October 4, 2011

no point exists(true?)

It's not the first time that i thought about it.
It's a common secret!
Photographs, are the way to express yourself, the real you, without any margins and limitations.
Each photograph tries ( n o t - r e a l l y ) to get you into it. And obviously, i am not talking about the ''paper'' or the ''document file'' but the photographer, the model anyway any rate that contributed in this.
I personally love photos which show nature, zoom-in faces, spontaneous actions and anything else that will pull my look.
Taking a picture doesn't necessarily mean that a face is included in it. I have always loved back-pictures, where face is not the main theme. For example if you take a photograph of a cyclist your aim is not to capture his face, but the a c t i o n.
Anyway, I'm gonna post some ''silly'' photos, seeming to have no point , but in this exactly my post is dedicated to .

 got it? x

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