January 4, 2012

The answer is: BUY IT

Isn't it just happen to you when you discover a ''great find'' while shopping, and not being sure if you should buy it or not?! That's what happened to me with 2 dresses, which i remembered when i opened my wardrobe and decided to dedicate a post for them.

Well, as for the first one  it was a school trip, down-town and not much time for us was available. When i found this bodycon, LBD dress at Topshop i immediately fell in love with it.While searching my size(uk8) the sell-assistant told me that this was the last piece(it was size6). When i tried it on me, it was short enough and a little small, but it was one of those times where you wanted not to leave it back but take it with you!! And that's what i did!

As for this one, i liked it from the first sight too.What i loved about it was the chiffon detail in arm! I didn't know if i was going to buy it or not as i am not used to this type of 'loose' dresses and it was expensive enough too. But my decision was not to buy it as i wasn't sure if i was going to wear it. A few weeks later, when sales was on, i found this dress for only €20 (WHAAAAT). What i did was expected!


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  2. love it!


  3. thank you guys for your nice comments and support!
    hope you be well xx