August 22, 2011

give me more trends AW'11

Except from women-wear there is also fashion for men. Check out the nine KEY PIECES for AW'11 to have your wardrobe completed:

no1: the jumper (in winter it gets cold therefore a woolen jumper gonna keep you warm)
no2: the jersey top (either short-sleeve or long-sleeve a top is always needed)
no3: the rucksack (rucksacks have been very helpful and stylish as well, especially for a weekend in the countryside)
no4: the nylon jacket (get it as a hoodie or as a zipped jacket)
no5: the (woolen) sock (wear it inside your biker boots for a warmer and cleverer outfit)
no6:  the (classic) sweatshirt (can be combined with an inside top or with a checked shirt)
no7: the (hiking) boot (boots instead of flat shoes add extra bonus in your outfit)
no8: the gilet  (either leather or quilted a gilet is a good solution to add some layering)
no9: the trouser (do not hesitate to buy a colored trouser/i have always liked the burgundy one)

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