August 22, 2011

allyear used

Who said that headbands and generally all hair accessories are only for summer? The same stuff can be customized for all seasons as well! For example a floral turban in summer could be turned into a fur leopard print one for the season of winter. The soft fabrics, designed especially for summer could be converted into velvet, which suits perfect for the winter. There are always solutions to be found and the only component needed is our fantasy&imagination. If we want to become better and improve our lives we will, if we don't,we will destroy them .. It's up to us to take risks or not, to taste something new or not, to make big decisions or keep ensured on something given .. People have this useful power and the only one we can do is just to use it! Anyway, in order for my thoughts to come to an end the one i wanted to show is this fur headband which is perfectly suit for winter!
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