August 23, 2011

meeting the old-city

It is incredible when you realize how many things and small treasures you can find while you are just enjoying a walk in the old Nicosia city .. This old city which is often getting misunderstood and degraded and i am still wondering why! Not only one are the places where you can visit or join for food, coffee or a drink. It's like you are near culture, especially when you walk into the city and trying to discover small and quite places far away from the big  and impersonal ''new'' one. Okay, i can't state that i am not a fan of lifestyle&glamour as well, but sometimes i am just satisfied with this. And believe me it's not less. Especially in the last years the old city is continuously getting improved and more advanced. The only ''problem'' is to convince the people that old city is as rich as the new one, and even more! Trust me, there is nothing to jealous, especially if the projects are going to continue.

Lately, what made real impression to me are the small shops which sell handmade stuff all full of fantasy&imagination. There are so many talents, not only in my country but worldwide that is such a pity to only buy things from well-known and worldwide famous big-stores. We should try to infiltrate into the uniqueness of something vintage and not of something branded!

Old cities everywhere ''help'' you to find inspiration in order to broad your mind.. Writing poems, drawing sketches, taking photographs, riding bicycles are only few of many activities that  can be taken up while you are visiting the city or later at home, after you've influenced.

hoped to enjoy the post and as a  tip : don't leave your heritage behind in order to move on. It's a big mistake!

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