August 1, 2011

we LOVE marketplaces

This post is dedicated to VINTAGE, freestyle and open-markets. I am sure,that all of us have some favourite shops, either low-budgeted or brandnew. However, we cannot ignore the ''free'' shops, without addresses and managers. As long as marketplaces are concerned, i believe that they have been and still are one of the most comfortable and valuable shopping!! I am so glad to see in my country (such a small country-but-one of the biggest's islands) the development of this kind of shopping. No owners, no need for separate departments- just rent a bench and show off your work! ISN'T IT SO AMAZING?

picture from: gynaikobazaro organised in Cyprus

vintage marketplaces ROCK

Soooo freestyle

Where do you think the best marketplaces are?? feel free share your views. I hope this current never ends!! It's so unique to have in your wardrobe(and not only) this kind of amazing and stylish pieces. And for god: YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE YOUR GRANDMA, SILLY, IT'S CALLED VINTAGE !!!!!

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