August 2, 2011

what is style?

All of you,people... I am really wondering what style means for each separate person. For example i may consider this sytlish and fashionable and someone else considers the same thing out-of 'date'. Of course style does not mean a piece of clothe BUT the total outfit. For example a nice top from Topshop, a known shop, does not create style at it's own. It's up to the person to make it BETTER OR WORSE! I am very sad to see girls in my age or whatever, who buy these kind of clothes-just beacuse they are worn by everyone! This absolutely does not mean, that you are in-fashion. Actually, it may ends at the opposite result..
Style is a personal case, you have to deal with at your own. I am not saying that is a bad thing(for god NO) to read fashion magazines and get aware of current trends. What i mean, is not to end up as a ''fashion victim''. We have to know what kind of clothes suit to our body and personality so as to be able to represent them! <<We wear clothes-and-not the clothes wear us>>!! This is a very true statement, which i try to be thinking of every time i get dressed.
Moreover, i personally believe that by wearing from top till bottom, famousbrands with their logos just to show off or because you are a welfare person, you become the same victim as in all other cases. Fashion needs fantasy&imagination, personality and OPEN-minds. Of course, there are many different kind of styles. The more classic one, the trendy one, the girly one, the androgynous and so on. So instead  of being reassured with a RalphLauren or Burberry basic top and a jean which is always infashion, prefer to create your own style, using your imagination. Then you are really going to be distinguished through the streets and why not you may be the first one who invented a NEWTREND!!

    victimised                                                               copy the look

i am sure you can spot where the differences are, and what my point was.x

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